Marsh Award for Excellence in Public Sculpture

The Award is presented annually for a newly commissioned public sculpture, or a high quality, appropriate and sensitive restoration of an existing work and is run in partnership with the Public Monuments & Sculpture Association (PMSA).

The award seeks to promote awareness and dialogue about public sculpture, and celebrates new works that show originality, artistic quality and merit, and a concern for their setting.

Pictured right is "Scallop" by Maggi Hambling, which won the 2005 Award.

The 2014 winner is Richard Wilson for 'Slipstream'

Richard Wilson and his team were selected from five international artists to design a sculpture installed at Terminal 2, Heathrow Airport. This took the form of a twisting and tumbling monoplane, inspired by the Red Bull air race. The design was evolved through a large number of models and drawings, some of which have been displayed at The Royal British Society of Sculptors.

Richard Wilson worked in collaboration with the fabricator, CSi, structural engineers, Price & Myers, and Futurecity, who curated the installation. The result is a magnificent piece of public art, which pushes the boundaries of sculpture and is totally original.

With a slight shift of angle, the appearance of Slipstream changes radically, giving the impression of a machine moving through space in spectacular manoeuvres. As passengers travel up and down the escalators, it twists and turns and even changes colour and texture. The sculpture has attracted new audiences for contemporary art in an airport terminal handling 20 million passengers.

The judging panel were unanimous in their selection of Slipstream as the winner of this Award, for its unique location, the boldness of form and the great quality of its fabrication.

Pictured above:
Richard Wilson
Slipstream 2014
Aluminium steel, plywood
78 m
Heathrow Terminal 2, London
Photograph © David Levene


The Public Monuments and Sculpture Association
70 Cowcross Street

020 7490 5001


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